Our cooling system failed

I was an abnormally light sleeper. In order for me to get a proper night of sleep, I had to have everything just right. I even had a nightly “schedule” consisting of meditation, calming music, reading, and a relaxing cup of hot tea. I usually slept similar to a baby. One other important part of my sleeping quality was the HVAC system. I need to have my bedroom set at the ideal temperature, or I would toss and turn all night long. Last week we had unusually bad hot weather. I was required to set my air conditioner to a frosty 68 degrees merely to keep my home at a almost comfortable level. I knew I had a leak somewhere within my ductwork, but I just didn’t have the funds to have an HVAC technician come to my residence to fix it. One morning during this heatwave, I woke up at a very early hour to an extremely hot home. My air conditioner had completely broke down! I was devastated. I couldn’t hear the familiar hum of my air conditioner regardless of the adjustments I made to the thermostat. My air conditioner had basically kicked the bucket. I sweat for the full morning, as I didn’t even have an electric fan. When the work day finally started, I called my local HVAC business to get an appointment with an HVAC professional. Hopefully my air conditioner could be repaired at a good price. Well, the HVAC technician was set to be here later today, so I really had to hope for the best!

air conditioning repair