Skin problems and Heating

I have had skin problems my entire life. It actually runs in the family, so I am used to dealing with it on a year round basis. Certain types of weather will really aggravate it more than others. I am very aware of my surroundings at all times. I pay close attention to my HVAC system as well, I understand the importance of regular maintenance checks. The heating and cooling unit is essential to keep any kind of balance for my skin throughout the year. High heat and humidity are truly awful for my type of skin problems. I tend to sweat intensely and that creates bad rashes. That said, the winter can be just as bad when the bitter cold just dries out my skin until I actually am shedding. Some people swear by humidifiers, but I rather not try something new right now. I was having a pretty good stretch for a while there, when a heat wave of the worst proportions blew through town. I was miserable within an hour of the increasing temperatures. I went over to the thermostat to turn the air conditioning a bit lower when I heard a click, then a loud bang. It got very quiet at first, then I could hear the air blowing through the vents and wasn’t worried anymore. Until, that moment when I realized the heat had kicked on at high temperatures. I hurriedly tried to turn it off, but nothing was happening. My skin was starting to break out in hives and I couldn’t find anything to make it stop.

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