Spending so much time

Every summer I gather my loved ones to drive up the coast to a sleepy town we have come to love. My parents’ used to enjoy a place in this town, so I have spent a lot of time there. My parents are long gone now as they have passed, but I still enjoy taking the drive up and seeing the spot. My wife really enjoys the trip as well, but the kids might care less. We always stay at this little quaint inn. It is normally nothing special, but it is reasonably affordable. There is a tavern mounted on the inn where we eat many our meals. During our trip, I noticed there was something different about the tavern where we spent a great deal of our time. The tavern had a new central air conditioning system. Normally it was very hot inside the pub, but not anymore. As we took our first steps in the tavern, we were immediately surrounded in cool, fresh air, thanks to the air conditioner. I initially thought I came into the wrong tavern. It used to smell like day old french fries. Now, it smelled like pure fresh air! I asked our waitress about this new air conditioner. She told us that besides the air conditioner, they also had a air purifier installed to clean the air inside. Apparently they had been getting complaints in regards to the temperature inside the tavern and the grade of air inside as well. The waitress was thrilled with having new air conditioning in her place of work. I had to agree with her. The dining experience within the tavern was greatly improved and a lot more comfortable with a working air conditioner and purifier.

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