Temperature control and alternating it

As soon as the paint on the paintbrush touches a canvas, it is the best feeling in the world. Some people may paint simply to make money and not really be into the art, but that’s not how it is for me. I paint for the pure love and feeling behind the art. Do not get me incorrect, when the finished product is actually hanging upon a wall for all to view, it happens to be a very satisfying feeling. But the journey to acquire that finished product is what is so thrilling to me. I have been lucky enough to become established as a successful artist that makes a living solely by my actual paintings. My specialty is portraying landscapes of numerous environments. To really get the feel that I am inside the painting, I adjust my thermostat for the temperature of the environment I am trying to display. For example, if I’m in the process of painting a winter wonderland with a couple feet of snow resting on tree branches adjacent to a rushing river, I would just crank up the air conditioner to feel like I was really standing within the snow. If I were trying to paint a sandy beach with the surf crashing onto the shore, I would just as easily turn up the furnace and feel the heat surrounding me as though I were actually there on the beach. People think I am completely crazy when I tell them the secret to my artistry is my HVAC system! They say there is no way a furnace or HVAC could possibly create such talent, but they also wrong. My HVAC system is really what made me the great artist I am today, and if I had the opportunity I would not change a thing about it all.

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