The AC issues for the IT

I have been employed by a small IT company that concentrates on providing servers to customers. It’s a pretty simple business if you understand the practices and rules of web design and hosting, but the real headache involves hardware malfunctions. When a system goes down at work, it can cause countless servers to shut down for a long time, until we get the bank back to working. We’re using a fairly old office environment without proper AC, and our server banks are kept within the basement which tends to heat up with all the electronics operating in there. The majority of the malfunctions are caused by overheating appliances, but every solution we looked at wasn’t feasible. Big fans use too much space and only circulate the incredibly hot air, and we absolutely can’t afford re-doing the ductwork in the building to push cool air around inside the basement. Finally, we reached out to our affiliate company about our problems, and they recommended that we try out some portable AC units. Despite their very small size, they’re powerful enough to cool a row of servers and they’re incredibly easy to get going. They’re a little expensive, but nowhere near as costly as renovations would have been. I figured they’d have to do for now. We bought two of these portable AC units over this past year, and we’re happy that we’ve had zero heating issues since the first day they were utilized. Sometimes, the “temporary fixes” are permanent, valued solutions.