The AC unit was tired


Once our cooling system equipment started to act sluggish, I thought it was finally a wonderful time to contact our air conditioning repair dealer. Both my husband and I had seen a lot of commercials on television for cooling system tune-ups, plus there was this one A/C business in particular that was continuing to run a special! The cooling system tune-up special was only going to be $49.95, but that price did not include the air filter. I was excited about the prospect of using the coupon, because the air conditioning system tune-up is normally upwards of $60, usually. The air conditioning technicians arrived at our home early the next morning.  Both of the technicians immediately got started on investigating our system. The techs looked at our outside cooling system unit. They used the hose to clear all of the natural leaf debris from the slots, he then checked to verify that all of the wires were secure, plus he also made sure that there was plenty of refrigerant in the system, then when the serviceman finished with our outdoor system, he moved inside to start the tune-up on the indoor heating, ventilation and A/C unit. He evaluated all of the belts to make sure they were not damaged or worn down, plus he changed out the existing air filter that was in our system even though it wasn’t included. He then looked through all of the weird mechanical plus the electrical parts, in order to verify that everything was working as it should be working. The entire Heating, Ventilation and A/C service tune-up took about an hour and a half and afterwards, I totally felt that I got a fantastic deal for the amount of money that I spent, and our Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment is now ready for the exceptionally hot summer season, plus I don’t have to worry about any issues keeping our cooling system from working.

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