the air conditioner for the law office

I normally keep my schedule fairly open but there are some things on my schedule that do not get interfered with which happen to be Sunday evening dinners as well as Sunday evening football.  My work keeps me swamped with things to do doing both in as well as out of the office.  I am an attorney with a big law firm and I frequently must take my work home with me.  I take my tasks genuinely seriously because I think that people are always depending on me to get them out of jail or keep them out of jail.  So when Sunday evening found me dripping with sweat in an auditorium with genuinely awful air conditioning listening to someone talking about bail reform, I was not glad to be there.  But, when you are asked by a partner, you simply cannot say no.  If only I had left the office earlier I would not be in this place suffering from a lack of ventilation as well as air conditioner.  Back at home I was sure my husband was enjoying the game in the cool comfort of our centrally heated as well as cooled new home as well as eating fried cheese sticks cooked in the deep fryer I got for my birthday last year.  I could not take it anymore so I stood up in the middle of the lecture, walked over to the wall where the temperature control was, and I just pushed the ‘temp down’ button until it reached the lowest setting.  The speaker quit speaking, and the room went quiet. Suddenly, before I knew it all eyes were on me as well as the thermostat! I felt very embarrassed as I interrupted the whole thing!  Then, in the dead silence every one of us all heard the A/C turn on and felt the air coming out of the vents.  The room erupted in applause!

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