The freon on the air conditioner

After moving into the property we just bought, we had a few problems that needed to be taken care of. This kind of thing is normal since the house is quite old, but one problem needed to be fixed immediately which was our air conditioning equipment. Lucky for me, my husband is an HVAC technician, so he knew everything about our current AC and could look into the problem. He actually needed to be at work that morning, so our AC wasn’t working for the day. I am a SAHM and it was difficult to deal with the heat all day long while my better half was at work. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive back home. When he finally got back, he got right to working again. I felt extremely bad for him but we really required our HVAC system to be fixed soon because I was dying. He discovered the problem, which was a good thing but it would still require some time to fix the thing. He told me that the refrigerant was entirely gone. Our air conditioner has been super low on refrigerant, so that means it was either undercharged in installation, or it was dripping. If it leaks, adding more refrigerant isn’t the solution. He has to have it fixed manually , test the repair, and then charge the device with the correct amount of refrigerant required for the unit. It took him a very long time to fix the leak, but I was so proud of him being a skilled HVAC technician. Since he knew what he was doing, we would not need to call up an HVAC company to send someone out for fee to take care of our HVAC system.

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