The heating system won’t turn off

I’m a fairly cold person, to be certainly. There’s rarely a time which don’t feel disproportionately cold, as compared to my peers in any presented situation or environment. I’m can’t understand what’s wrong with my body, but it seems to be incompetent at correct temperature regulation without treatment. I’m constantly covered in sweat, even when it’s sixty degrees or warmer. That’s exactly why I was so shocked relating to the day that I actually felt too warm in my home. It was the center of winter, so I has been predisposed to being freezing cold, as it was. I had heat on, with the thermostat set at 75 degrees, when I had realized that it appeared to be getting hotter and hotter. At the beginning it felt really nice, and I was extremely comfortable and happy as I did all of my chores and worked online, but soon it surpassed the purpose of being pleasant. I went over and checked over the temperature control unit, but almost everything seemed appropriate. The temperature set to what I wanted, yet the temperature went on to climb. I turned from the heat and waited for it to relax, but the furnace never finished running. Soon I was drenched in sweat and had to go outside to cool down. However, when I returned inside, it was a frozen tundra. It wasn’t until morning that my HVAC repairman achieved it out and diagnosed a not working thermostat. I’m back to getting cold, but at least I’m not really being roasted alive.

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