The HVAC at school

In college I took a biology class that required us to go outdoors for  labs. It was so much fun because I enjoyed being outside for classroom on those days. I enjoy doing hands-on work, plus I discovered this during that course. Being in classrooms all afternoon was no fun at all, plus to make matters worse, there were typically dealing with poor air conditioners. When the HVAC units were not functioning officially, it was hard to concentrate on lectures, plus I know the other students, even professors, felt this way. This was frustrating as we paid so much currency, I did not want to have to deal with this frustration. I feel the heating plus cooling systems on campus should have been better prioritized. I know that it can be so expensive, even time-consuming to make everything in top shape at all times, however that is the kind of thing that people want when they are paying so much on an education.There were numerous days when I was tempted to lodge a complaint with the staff about the HVAC issues, but I never did. I don’t really know how much good it would have done anyways, other than feeling better for laying my ground. I just hope that they got a better grip on the situation now. Thousands of kids will continue to flow in plus out of those classrooms every year, they deserve better.

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