The Importance of Duct Cleaning in the Fall

I work at the local HVAC store in our small town. My boss is my brother-in-law and there are only four of us in total. Our mountain town is pretty small, but that still is even smaller for the amount of business that our store can bring in during the high seasons. We tend to get a lot of emergencies once we are actually in summer or in winter. People seem to never learn their lesson when it comes to servicing their HVAC units or any aspects that they contain, like the air filters in the vents or the ductwork in the walls. I don’t understand how they just think it will be fine for as long as they leave it. In the summer season people are using their air conditioners on a daily basis, non-stop, for a solid three months. In the winter we see the same problem with their heating systems on at full speed for almost every day and nearly for four months. During those times the most dust particles, animal air and simple outdoor elements are getting trapped in the air filters. And worse, as the weather starts to turn in the fall, the outdoor bugs are trying to come indoors and lodge themselves into the ductwork. Before you know it, they could do some real damage and crash your whole HVAC unit with the flick of a switch. That’s where we come in for the emergencies and that is when our time can get really backed up. I just wish people would learn to call out in the fall.

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