The smelly air quality

During the last several weeks, my car offers smelled very poorly. I have taken it to the car bathe, bought various types of discuss fresheners, and checked for a dead animal under the car seat. Still, I can not seem for you to get rid of the stink. It is a very musty stink, and it reminds me of a pair of gym socks after an intense game of basketball. When I saw a good friend of mine riding in the car last week, he thought that the air conditioning system might trigger my smell. I did my research online to view if air conditioning systems could lead to a really weird smell, and I came across that it was a numerous problem with A/C systems inside vehicles. Apparently, there is a cabin air conditioner filter located under the dash on the passenger side, and it requires maintenance every three to half a year. A friend of mine said that a lot of people never replace the air conditioning filter until it causes a smell or other problem. He said that maintaining a good A/C system in the car required regular maintenance to the air filter. I finally bought an exciting new air filter, and I quite possibly installed it myself. When I took out the old air conditioning filter, it was very easy to work out why my air conditioning system has been producing bad air. The air filter was so clogged that it would have been impossible for ones A/C fan to pull in clean air. Thankfully, my car is smelling improved now, and my air conditioning system is usually running well.

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