Thermostat and AC repair

I guess I”m a pretty stubborn man. I mean, I really can’t see it myself, but sometimes I get external reminders about the way truly bullheaded I can end up. For instance, my bank account lately is actually providing evidence that I just can’t let things go. I have an unfortunate malady that has been continually costing me for the past couple of years, and I just can’t give up on it. My heating and cooling system has become a disaster since I first got it when I moved into my new house. The HVAC set up is about 10 or 15 years old and it had been put through some wear, to be positive, but I was told not wearing running shoes should run for another several years or so without big issues. I was set on that estimate, and became quite incensed to begin with that the heating and cool system stopped functioning. I fiddled with my thermostat and the air conditioner itself, but wasn’t allowed to make my AC unit work again. I begrudgingly called out the nearest hvac repair company, and they spent two hours banging around outside before my air conditioning kicked back up in gear. This story repeated itself 4-5 times in the last year; every time there was finally a call to a local heating and cooling company for a professional to come tinker with my equipment. I know I want to give up on this HVAC system and purchase a brand new one, but I simply can’t give up on this!

HVAC service