This is all good

My spouse and I made the dreadful decision to be on a cruise. My friends love going on cruises and I could definitely see the appeal of going out to sea on a ship. It could be nice for people like us to just stare out at the ocean, eat great food, gamble, and drink alcohol. After some consideration we booked a cruise for the Caribbean. When the time came to, we packed up and boarded a ship. The first couple of days were lovely. In reality, everything was really good right up until our air conditioning broke inside of our berth. The first day this air conditioning broke wasn’t too negative. We went to the front desk and found out it was the entire four levels of berths which did not have air conditioning at all, basically the whole boat. The manager then told us that the HVAC system was undergoing repairs and apparently could be down for a long while. The second day was a lot of worse. The halls of the boat began to stink along with the passengers. No matter how many showers we took we simply could not keep the sweating under control. On top of that, the heat had made many of us throw up. Unfortunately, the cleaning crews couldn’t keep up with the cleaning demand. Living without air conditioning on that ship was awful! The third day without air conditioning the rooms did start to mold. The plaster walls of the berth were never meant to deal with the harsh humidity from the ocean without the ships major HVAC unit sucking the moisture out from the air. In order to evade the filthy, stinking halls and rooms almost all the passengers packed into the pool. It only got worse from that point on. The HVAC was finally fixed when we got to port and without a doubt we demanded a refund.

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