This just isn’t my year

I can’t what happened; my toes went numb as a consequence of no heating. My husband and I went on our annual ski trip up north at a really cool resort just this past weekend. We always make sure to pack our gear including extra clothes along with socks to double layer everything. Well, I guess this time things just didn’t work as I thought they would. It’s not unbearably cold within the resort and they usually have an efficient HVAC unit running, so I’m confused why my toes went numb. We had only been out in the snow for an hour. Skiing had become a real challenge as I ended up losing my footing and was becoming unbalanced. All I wanted to do at that point, was go inside with the resort’s heating system, so my better half sent me to our cabin to warm up in the heat. Even after being on the inside my sufficiently heated room, still, my toes were frozen numb! My socks were no help and it annoyed me that all they did was leave my little feet all sweaty. I had put more logs in the fireplace, hoping that this would ignite the fire to provide more heating to cure my toe numbness. With all of the rubbing that I did to help my toes get out of the numby funk, my hands then began to cramp up. I guess this just wasn’t my year for the trip, as I was stuck with combating my numb limbs and the heating issue all the day. My husband was so helpful and at least was able to bring my hot cocoa to cheer me up. Afterall, it was the least he could do since he sent me inside while he enjoyed skiing without me for a whole hour.HVAC technology