Want to adjust thermostat for dogs from anywhere

I know that I have a problem obsessing over my animals, and there’s no use trying to lecture me about finding something better to concentrate my attention on. I love my pets and there’s nothing more important to me than their happiness. I’m constantly worried about my dog, in particular, because he’s essentially my child. I’ve installed a few things in the house for him, like an automated dog door and a security camera so I can watch him all day long when I’m out at work. There’s one more thing I’d like to get for him; a smart thermostat. Yes, I realize that he can’t use the temperature controls himself, no matter how smart the system is. I want to be able to adjust the house’s temperature remotely, so that I can keep him optimally comfortable the entire day while I’m away from him. I can watch the thermostat in real time to see how the house is feeling, and make minor or major adjustments to the temperature settings from my smart phone or computer application. Combining this power with the ability to watch my dog via security camera, I’ll always be able to see when he’s hot or cold and change the thermostat settings appropriately, turning the AC or heater on or off. And I’ll always feel like I’m saving money on energy costs by keeping the temperature set to an optimal program. I’ll never have to worry about my precious dog and the air conditioning or heating again after I get the new system installed.

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