Wanted a/c afterwards

I’ve been playing in a rock band for roughly the past three years. We play at a great deal of local shows, and we even travel across the region. We practice every Sunday so that we stay fresh and feel perfectly comfortable playing live while in front of plenty of people. I think we have a pretty good sound consequently. I always look forward to the practices except for the fact that we have to do them inside of my overheated garage. There’s no air conditioning unit in there, so we usually get overheated on warm days and nights. I have tried to improvise by putting a portable AC in there, but it’s not large enough to cool the entire space. We all get frustrated when we become too hot and tired, and we usually end up stopping ahead of time. I really wish I had a spare room for us to rehearse in so that we could be within the cool air from the HVAC system, but I don’t have any additional space. My other bandmates are now living apartment complexes, so we unquestionably can’t practice in their homes. If we stay together and keep going with this for the next few years, I would really like to rent a space somewhere that we could all really benefit from with our practices. It looks like an old warehouse would be the best place for us. As long as there is an HVAC system within the building, I could deal with just about anywhere. I really enjoy playing live music, and I hope that it will be something I continue to do for a very long time. I think my bandmates feel similar to the way I do about it. We just need an air conditioned space to do our thing!

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