Watching Movies in the Summertime

My boyfriend and I like to keep up with current trends. We go shopping every other week and see what the latest fads are. There is one thing that I have seen and talked my boyfriend into buying for his house. It is a projector that you can use outside to watch movies or tv shows in the summertime! Since we are movie junkies, we had to buy it for his back patio. I love using the projector because you get to sit outside in the summer and look up at the stars while you watch your favorite movies! The only issue we have come to find with the outdoor movies is that sometimes it gets a little too humid. I like to snuggle up under a blanket to watch movies, but since we are outside in the remaining summer heat, it is uncomfortable snuggle up. All I can think about during the movie is how hot I feel and how much I would rather be inside with the air conditioner on. I feel guilty asking to bring the projector inside to the air conditioning because the whole purpose of the projector was to watch movies outdoors! So, I decided to find a way to let the cool air from the air conditioner blow onto us on the patio. We moved the patio furniture right next to the door so we can project the movie on the side of the house and leave the door open to allow the cool air to flow outside. We might waste the air conditioning a little during our movie nights, but it beats dealing with the humid heat!

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