Went on vacation and AirBNB HVAC broke

I love the invention AirBnB. I think that this social network mixed with vacation rental enterprise is a huge help as a traveler and a home owner, and I’m glad that the service exists. I think that the options for AirBnBs are often better than the hotels which fall within the same price range, and there’s a ton of added value when you have an entire house or apartment at your disposal rather than a single hotel room. The only problem with the exchange is if something fails at your rented home, you don’t have a backup one to switch to. For instance, last week we went on a business trip and our AirBnB had an HVAC failure in the middle of our stay. We woke up one morning to find that the house was extremely hot, and playing with the thermostat did not cause any cool air to be emitted from the air vents. We had the temperature set as low as possible and still did not hear the air conditioning unit kick into gear at any point. We contacted the homeowners, but all they could do was to direct us to the box fans stored in the basement and call an HVAC company on our behalf. We had to wait around for the servicemen to arrive, and it severely cut into our recreational time for the day. We had no other option, since it was well over 90 degrees outside and we needed AC to survive, but we weren’t pleased about the ordeal. Our renters gave us a discount, but the mishap really put a damper on our overall experience.

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