What a great time

I have been attending my church over 20 years and it is a wonderful place to be. Both my husband and I are very involved in many church events and sit on many different committees. One of these is church Council and we are responsible for helping to make decisions concerning repairs of the building. The church is well over 75 years old and it seems there is always something that needs to be fixed. The thing on the agenda now could be replacing the old boiler systems because they’re becoming unreliable. You can only imagine how large these boiler systems because past holding tanks were as big as a car in some of the commercial buildings. We’ve gotten several estimates relating to the replacement of the HVAC system but most include incorporating three boilers to do the work. At first we were rather confused by this but once the HVAC dealer explain that we might then have three separate areas for heating, it made total sense. The size in efficiency for the newer systems would allow us to heat areas that are being utilized even to another temperature than those that ended up being vacant. After all, our church has several meetings during the week but they are stored in specific areas so there’s no sense heating the sanctuary which can be very large to the same temperature as a meeting room for only a few hours, Although the cost of replacing the HVAC system is very expensive we feel that down the road the amount of money we’ll be saving tons on utility bills and this will help to offset that cost.

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