Winter time fun

Many times, nature will just do what it pleases. No matter what the temperature the weather channel claims it will be outside, where I live, I can’t really depend upon it. I have been caught outdoors many times regretting things that I chose to wear on any given day. You would think, living here so long that I would know, but having constant weather changes while living here can be very challenging. I must always be sure that the heating and cooling system in my own home is working properly during the different seasons. Nature is not the only one to blame for my issues. I really believe that the weather forecaster in our town isn’t accurate with his readings or reliable in any respect. The only thing that will never let me down, is my personal heating and cooling unit. On a very hot day, I have no problem sitting indoors, relaxing on my couch with my air conditioner on blast or, in the bitter winter time, I won’t even bother to go outdoors as soon as I see snowfall from my window. I will just turn the heater on and watch most of the traffic pile up and people walk rapidly to make it indoors. I will just stand there and appreciate my heating unit and be laughing at people that fall victim to the frigid sidewalks. It’s certainly not nice to snicker about this, but sometimes I really think I have beaten Mother Nature at her own game, especially when I understand that I can depend on my own HVAC system.

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