Wishing for ac that worked

My oldest child called me after he returned beach house from school to inform me that it was 95 degrees in the house.  I asked him to check the thermostat in case someone forgot to adjust it before leaving the house.  My son, Stan checked the setting and it should have been much cooler than what it read.  Great, there goes another $500.  I am legitimately not in a position to spend money on a household bill right now.  I called my husband and informed him of this air conditioning failure and was on his way home.  My work day was over, so I too headed to what I presumed would be a really sizzling house.  I got there not long after he called me to an even higher temperature and instantly started opening windows.  I should have told Stan to do that but did not think it was an option.  You would think that Stan would have thought of that since he is almost an adult.  Once my husband, Bob arrived, the people I was with and I headed out to the a/c unit in the back yard.  Everything looked fine but it was quiet.  It should have had its common humming sound, but there was no sound.  The people I was with and I flipped the breakers just in case the people I was with and I might have had an electrical surge but unfortunately, the air conditioning did not turn itself on.  The people I was with and I were forced to call the local Heating and A/C company.  Fortunately they do not charge more money for late day calls and they were over in just a few short hours.  The Heating and A/C serviceman was able to repair the problems of the a/c unit and with minimal time and a new part from his truck, he had our air conditioning running properly soon after that.  It’s usual hum was back and it wasn’t too costly.

air conditioner unit