Zone control for work at home

My mother is actually a clothes designer. She works a lot from home in her own little designer office. We have a zone controlled HVAC system so that she can keep her office space a different temperature than the remainder of the house. She really likes to keep the A/C up high when she is working. She is really good at designing any kind of outfit and makes real good money. She also has taught my sister the art of designing clothing. She is also really into it and I think she will also be very successful. I am always amazed just when I look at the drawings they have of all kinds of different outfits. I must say that my mother and my sister are extremely creative. I don’t know how they do it because I feel like I have no talent in that area. I do think my mom keeps it a little too cold in her office space though. I’m really glad that my parents opted for a zone controlled HVAC system because I don’t have to deal with that chilly environment. My sister seems to be just like my mother though in that respect, she loves the cold environment while working. They make everything from dresses, jeans, full outfits, and even kids clothes. It’s pretty awesome. My sister always makes clothes for herself and even her friends. I’m pretty sure she gives her friends a special discount. Even my girlfriend was asking the other day if I would talk to my sister about making her a nice dress for homecoming.

HVAC zone control